Dr. Michel Fok Resignation

Dear Researchers;

I am extremely shocked on the resignation of Dr. Michel Fok. He was with me from the very beginning for the formation of ICRA. Michel is a big supporter of cooperation among researchers. I found him always coming forward with new ideas and willingness to work with anybody who extended him a hand. His contributions to the work of the ICAC through his active role on the SEEP (Social, Environmental and Economic Performance of Cotton) are immense. His work at CIRAD is much appreciated and he owns a great respect among researchers in the West African countries. I can say with confidence that he played a significant role in bringing CIRAD and ICAC closer to work together for common interests of the research community. He has a high number of publications to his credit. He lead ICRA very well and dedicated his full abilities and time for ICRA uplift for the last over 8 years.

Michel was going to retire in April which he already indicated to ICRA community. Now what lead him to resign is terrible. There are some elements that forced him to resign. I am not really in the loop for all the correspondence among EC members but the forces behind his resignation are not that secret either. It is disappointing that some people failed to play their role to resolve issues and the research community had to lose the leadership role of Michel.

I will humbly submit that it is time for the research community to stay united. ICRA is a great organization and has to achieve a lot yet.

M. Rafiq Chaudhry


Time has come

After having joined the Executive Committee since the inception of ICRA, hence for about ten years, I thought it was time for me to step out as I am at a few months to be retired.  So, I have just sent my letter of resignation (mfok_resignation) to the Executive Committee.

My decision to leave my position earlier than scheduled is linked to the discomfort I have perceived among a number of ICRA members and that I created by my decision to suspend the elections for the renewal of the Executive Committee. While I still believe that the decision was necessary, I do not want to be an obstacle in any way to the operation of ICRA and to its evolution.

I believe in exchanges between persons in mutual respect and in the inter-generational transfer of knowledge in implementing research. This website has been conceived for this purpose, so I will stay among you and keep contributing in any area where I could share my experience, at least as long as the membership to ICRA is not strictly restrained to active researchers.

All the best to you all.


Sharing research outputs through a specific journal

Journal of Cotton Sciences

There are many possible journals for agricultural science publications.

One specific cotton publication is the Journal of Cotton Science. http://www.cotton.org/journal/index.cfm.

  • “The multidisciplinary, refereed journal contains articles that improve our understanding of cotton science.
  • Publications may be compilations of original research, syntheses, reviews, or notes on original research or new techniques or equipment”.
  • The journal is web based and is published four times each year by the US Cotton Foundation.

This Journal needs our support to build a larger number of cotton paper submissions and more readership and citations, so we urge you to consider this journal for publishing results of your cotton research.

ICAC Cotton Researcher of the Year 2014


The International Cotton Advisory Committee started recognizing a cotton researcher in 2009. Dr. Greg Constable of CSIRO, Australia is the winner of the ICAC Researcher of the Year – 2015 award. He is also current Chairman of the International Coton Researchers Association (ICRA). Dr. Constable is an eminent leader in the international cotton research community. He was one of the primary organizers of the first World Cotton Research Conference in Australia in 1994. Dr. Constable’s experience in cotton research is spread over four decades. His achievements are well recognized in three fields of research: agronomy, breeding and physiology and scientific leadership. Dr. Constable’s research has greatly benefitted the cotton industry in Australia and he has received many recognitions at the national level in Australia.

Sincere congratulations from ICRA.

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