History under writing

The content of this post is a replication of a message I have just sent. You can react to my message by commenting this post.

This is to attract your attention to the fact that some of you have taken over the challenge of embarking to write of the history of cotton research. Click on wiki after logging in and discover what has been started for the State of Gujarat, as a chapter of the history of cotton research in India. This chapter will be enriched as additional materials are provided.

The supply of some materials related to the cotton history in Sudan gave me the idea of starting a book dedicated to the tools, implements and devices in cotton production. I believe that many research teams have carried out specific tools for the implementation of their experiments and they could be useful to research fellows in other countries if not to cotton growers producing on small scale. I hope that many of you could contribute to this book.

I do hope that we could actually achieve  a collaborative approach in writing our Gossybooks in our Gossypedia. This means that every one could free to contribute to books under process.

The Gossypedia functionality of our website is well adapted to the collaborative process in the sense that books, chapters or pages are “viewable” by ICRA members only when we decide to. This means that, as long as the writing of a page is not over, it can remain hidden and only viewable to and editable by those endowed with the relevant rights.

Even when some of you volunteer for a book or a chapter, they have been reluctant so far to take command of the Gossypedia tool and play the editor’s role. By default, I am playing this role.Although I understand the hesitation to invest in mastering a web tool, the current way is not sustainable as I should be quitting my position soon.


Gossypedia, vertigo of empty pages?

A Wiki function is added to our website

To see what is inside, just click on the related function at the panel in the left. As nothing has started, what you’ll see is almost blank.

At this stage, note that the tool used only enables three headings (book, chapter, page), but we can have as many books as desired. This technical limitation implies that each book will have to be quite dedicated.

Criteria for book dedication is to be decided. Should it be scientific discipline,?specific scientific topic? geographic region?…This is open to debate. Please contribute and give your mind about this.

How to move forward filling the empty pages?

Probably, the first decision is to decide what are the books to write (on which topic) and who would feel like participating to contribute.

GossyForum is here to help you interact about that.

How to integrate inputs and have them published?

We are still far from this stage and we have time to give clarification about that. What’s clear is that the access to integrate inputs is not free, it will be controlled. There will be also a process of validation before publication for sake of scientific rigour.