Tags are helpful

Tags already existed

In the former version, the reference of posts by selecting tags was already in place. More precisely, there were categories of tags and it was possible to add sub-categories to a particular category. For example, within the category of ICRA, we could have sub-categories  like “about” (= about ICRA as an active association) and information (= information shared by ICRA about cotton research).

Tags allows to filter posts and forum discussions according to one’s interest.

Tags are interconnected in posts and in discussions

Tags for posts are now interconnected to tags for discussions in the advanced function of forum, because any new post becomes a new topic for discussion in GossyForum. As a consequence of the retained interconnection, only two levels of tags are accepted (primary and secondary).

When writing a new post or lauching a new discussion, the selection of tags starts with primary ones. Once a primary tag is selected, the corresponding secondary tags are displayed and could be selected for more precise tagging. The selection of several primary tags is possible.

For most primary tags, secondary tags are geographic scale. For instance, for a primary tag of crop protection, secondary tags of “global” or “Latin America”, allow to specify if post or forum topic is of global relevance or only of relevance to Latin America.

New: Tags could be subjected to restriction

Tags in the advanced function for forum could be subject to the use by a specific group of ICRA members. For example, there are tags for the restricted use of the ICRA Executive members, so that the interaction between these members could be discussions through the advanced function of forum that only these members could view and contribute.

The advantage of the restriction possibility is not of interest only for the executive committee. It could be so for any group of members working on a joint project and contributing the same geographic network. As such, the ICRA website becomes a real tool for interaction between its members.

For this reason, we have created a tag titled “network coordination” with geograhic secondary tags. As long as a geographic group of members is created, it could be decided to restrict or not the discussions within a geographic group to the members of thie group.

The creation of a group of ICRA members is only possible by the few persons endowed with the administrative role of ICRA website. For the group creation, you must formulate a request to the ICRA website administer, indicate the name of the group and its composition as well as the tags restriction associated to this group.


Gossypedia, vertigo of empty pages?

A Wiki function is added to our website

To see what is inside, just click on the related function at the panel in the left. As nothing has started, what you’ll see is almost blank.

At this stage, note that the tool used only enables three headings (book, chapter, page), but we can have as many books as desired. This technical limitation implies that each book will have to be quite dedicated.

Criteria for book dedication is to be decided. Should it be scientific discipline,?specific scientific topic? geographic region?…This is open to debate. Please contribute and give your mind about this.

How to move forward filling the empty pages?

Probably, the first decision is to decide what are the books to write (on which topic) and who would feel like participating to contribute.

GossyForum is here to help you interact about that.

How to integrate inputs and have them published?

We are still far from this stage and we have time to give clarification about that. What’s clear is that the access to integrate inputs is not free, it will be controlled. There will be also a process of validation before publication for sake of scientific rigour.

Member’s profile: content is more progressive and enriched

Little is asked at registration

Only very basic information is asked at registration. Once registered, any member can provide much more information about him/her, as we expect. Above all, any member has the possibility to inform about his research projects and publications.

Information on research projects

For each research project, only a handful of variables is asked. One of it is the URL of a website where one might have already informed more comprehensively about the project. I personally am using Cantool, something developed a few years ago and that I supervised (http://www.cantool.net/?locale=en) and which might be the unique existing tool to capitalize about research and/or development projects. Of course, anyone is free to keep on using the tools he/she has already selected.

Information on research publications

The same procedure is followed. The tool used is Slire, developed also a few years ago (http://www.cantool.net/?locale=en ). Of course, ICRA members can use a variety of tools to inform about their publications.

Feel free to go and have a look at my profile that I have started updating.

Post edition remains moderated

Every ICRA member can write a post

Writing a post has become easier than in the former version. It suffices to click on “WordPress content” at the panel in the left. This will lead you to the dashboard with limited functions. Identtify and click on “add New”

Text formating is more elaborated

For all of you who are familiar with Word or alike, you will see extended functions of heading text, selecting text color and so on. All icons of available formating or link possibilies are easy to understand.

Publication only after moderation

Once your oost is written, you can preview it and click on “submit for review”. Once review is implemented (by an administrator), your post becomes visible to anyone.

Your feedback on this procedure is welcome.

Subject of a post becomes a topic for forum

Writing Post is easy although moderation is maintained

How it worked in the former version

Only registered members can write posts, this is quite normal. However, it was necessary to pass through a dashboard that might appear obscurous to many.

How it works now

Just click on WorkPress content, then click on “Add New”, then write.

Any post has to be associated to at least one category. Categories are organized in two levels. It is recommended to select categorys of secondary level so as to make tagging more precise.

Most members, without holding a moderator role, cannot publish their posts immediately. Publication is subjected to moderation

What’s new

The new version contains an interaction between the tool used for the website and the tool for the forum function. So any new post is visible in the forum functinality (GossyForum) so that its contents is open for interaction or discussion among the whole ICRA community.

Feel free to test the interaction functionality: go and see this post in “Forum” and make comment.